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Petite: Dog size 5-20lbs Antler size 4-6 inch Antler Weight Small: Dog size 10-35lbs Antler size 5-7 inch Antler Weight Medium: Dog size 15-45lbs Antler size 6-8 inch Antler Weight Large: Dog size 35-65lbs Antler size 7-10 inch Antler Weight X-Large: Dog size 45-95lbs Antler size 8-10 inch Antler WeightMammoth: Dog size over 70lbs Antler size 8-10 inch Antler Weight 


Benefits of our elk antler chews include: Rich source of calcium, phosphorous, glucosamine and chondroitin and other beneficial minerals and nutrients, all excellent for your dog's bones, teeth and gums, coat and overall health No additives, no artificial coloring, no flavor enhancers, no preservatives, no outsourcing, no GMO, no plastics, no petrochemicals... More durable and safer than traditional chews made from plastic, bone or compacted starch Antler chews will neither splinter or chip like bones, nor break like artificial toys Allergen-free, and perfect for all dogs (including puppies, seniors and special-needs pets) Not a slaughter house by-product like most other “natural” treats (e.g., penis/bullysticks, ears, organs, tripe, hooves, lungs, snouts and similar flotsam) 100% mess-free and odor-free Product of the USA

Premium Elk Antler - Select Size for price


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