16pk of all natural Matatbi Sticks - Regular size - though size and shape vary as this is a natural product. Perfect for Small/Average sized cats. 


WhatAre Matatbi Sticks? aka (Silvervine)
Silvervine (also known as matatabi orJapanese catnip) is a climbing plant that grows in the mountainous regions of China, Japan, Korea, and Eastern Russia. They are a safe and natural alternative to catnip.

While catnip contains one compound (nepetalactone) that attracts cats, silvervine has two — actinidine and dihydroactinidiolide.

Why give my kitty Matatbi Sticks?
*helps control tartar on cats teeth
*helps reduce stress
*encourages play 

*helps keep your cat active

What effect will the sticks have on my kitty?

You cat may roll around, meow, rub on the stick, chew on it , run around batting and kicking it, licking it or show increased activity. 

Many cats will react to Silvervine Sticks even if they don't react to Catnip, however, every cat is different and some may not see any affect at all. If that happens you can try to release some more oils by rolling it in your hands and or scratching the bark.


Keep Matatbi in it's resealable bag to lock in fresheness. When your kitty looses intrest in one of the sticks you can rub a bit off to release the oils, othwise replace with a new stick. 

ALWAYS supervise your kitty while using/playing with the sticks and throw them away when they get so small that your cat can swallow or choke on them. 

Matatabi (Silvervine) Cat Chew Sticks 16 PK