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Ingredients: 100% cow ear.

Description: This cow ear measures about 5-6 inches long and is sourced from South American Brahman cattle. This is a single ingredient item and will vary in size/color and shape however they are 5-6 inches and geared for all dogs.

Recommended for: Dogs of all life stages and sizes.

Chew Time: This is a moderately lasting chew for medium and large dogs, and a long lasting chew for small breeds.

Sales Tips: These large cow ears are baked to a soft, chewy texture. This chew isn't as hard as a bully stick, so it's a good recommendation for senior dogs or dogs with missing teeth. These ears have almost no odor and are a very clean, non-greasy chew, ideal for customers who are concerned with their dogs eating a messy treat on their carpet. Cow ears also make the perfect first chew for a new puppy since they're easily digestible.

Country of Origin: Colombia

Cow Ear

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