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Wraps are perfect for small dogs the happen to be big chewers. Each wrap is highly digestible and 100% collagen to help not only your dogs instinct to chew but their joints as well.

Complete your dog’s healthy diet with Frankly Beef Chews – a natural, safe chew for dogs, made with only two ingredients. Filtered water and Beef Collagen.

  • 100% Collagen
  • Sourced, Manufactured, packaged in Wisconsin
  • Produced in a Food Safe Facility
  • Oral health benefits for your dog- removes plaque and reduces tartar
  • Fully Traceable to the Source

Frankly Pet Products brings you some of the most straightforward & honest products on today’s market. Never imported, never chemically treated, always safe, and 100% traceable to the source, our beefy selection of bones are sure to make your furry friend drool even more than typical.

Collagen Rolls 8-pack

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