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These are an all-natural product and therefore color and sizing may vary from chew to chew.


The key is the right size for the right dog !

A chew should last for hours and even days but as it is an expensive treat people tend to downsize the chew at first to try it but that is a mistake. Most Large dogs will chew it in a few days while Medium and Small dogs will take more time to chew it (it can last weeks).

It also depend on your dog’s chewing habit and there are exceptions with a few breeds which naturally have stronger bite strength (American Staff, Rottweiler, Golden retriever …) or working dogs who won’t quit (border collie,…) until it’s over.


The Best Premium Dog Yak Chews on the Market! Great for Dogs of All Ages and Sizes! HEALTHY AND ALL NATURAL: Ancient Recipe From The Himalayas - 100% Natural and Organic, made from Yak & Cow Milk with Salt & Lime Juice. FDA Approved & Contains No Additives or Preservatives EASILY DIGESTIBLE: 

DENTAL HEALTH: Yak Chews Help Prevent Tartar and Plaque hile Keeping Gums Strong and Healthy. 


LOW/NO ODOR AND WON'T STAIN: Chew sizes may vary ALWAYS SUPERVISE YOUR PET WHEN INTRODUCING A CHEW. Cheese Chews are meant as an occasional treat and not 'food'. While Human Grade these are not meant for Human Consumption. Buy a chew large enough so the dog can not snap the chew. The goal is that they have to scrape the cheese off, which is what makes the chew last. If the dog can snap pieces of, buy a larger version. Keep dry. This is a natural cheese product so do not take the chew outside.


This item is our Extra Small Chew and 2.5-3 ounces and typically for dogs under 20 pounds. Stronger Chewers with larger jaws should always go a size up from weight suggestions.


Size             Weight Oz      Length      Dog  Weight

Tiny                    1.5                  3-4"          <10 lbs

Small                   2.5 -3           5-7"          <20 lbs

Regular              5-6               6-8 "       <50 lbs (or older less aggressive chewers)

Large                  7-8               7-10"      >50 lbs

Yak Cheese Chews - Small <20 lbs

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