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These are our top-of-the-line Himalayan yak cheese chews. These chews are manufactured in Germany.


This means they are more consistent in ingredients, color, shape, flavor, and hardness. They are also prepared with better sanitary conditions:


Ensure that the milk is pasteurized at the correct temperature

Ensure that the milk is pasteurized for the right amount of time.

Ensure that the chew has an accurate moisture content after drying. This avoids the higher potential of mold developing. No smoking and therefore preserving more of the cheese flavor

They are dried in a drying room vs. outside air-dried or smoke-dried.


The weight is approximate. These are 9-11 oz each. 

These are for dogs >80 lbs.


The shelf life is at least two years; store them in a dry place, out of the sunlight, ideally with airflow.

Yak Cheese Chew -Mega

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